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  • Our pieces all handmade and available in gold-plated, rose gold-plated, or solid sterling silver. We use de-oxidized sterling silver, which is superior to traditional sterling silver. 
  • De-oxidized silver is 4-5 times more tarnish-resistant and also stronger than traditional sterling silver.
  • If you wish to order solid gold pieces, please email


While Steffi K uses quality materials to ensure long-lasting wear, there are still ways to prolong the life of your jewelry:

  • Avoid direct and prolonged contact with chemicals, heat, water, detergents, etc. Avoid wearing jewelry while exercising, swimming, doing chores, gardening, showering, etc. These activities could affect the finish and cause scratches that will detract from the beauty of your pieces.
  •  On pieces that are plated, the plating may wear off with normal use over time.
  •  We recommend storing your jewelry in a safe place away from the elements:  in jewelry boxes, drawers or in tarnish-proof bags.