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Hey, I'm Steffi!

I’m an island girl from Guam, who had dreams of never working a day in her life. For me that's completely loving what I do, inspiring others, and creating something beautiful.

After graduating from UCLA in 2013 as a pre-med student, I questioned my path as I dreaded the traditional 9-5 lifestyle behind a desk. I remember I hated work so much I could cry everyday. Needless to say, I knew that life just wasn’t for me. After a couple quick stints at jobs I hated, I finally realigned my perspective and made a 180-degree career change.



As a Los Angeles resident, I'm constantly inspired by the daring and fashion-forward people I see on the street. I never wanted to believe people who told me work wasn't supposed to be fun. I'm inspired by dream-chasers and I wanted to tell my own story with this jewelry brand. 
SK was born on following my own dreams, hopefully inspiring confidence in others to realize their own.

For those of you who are maybe wading through an awkward time in your life, for those who spend more time alone with your ideas than with friends, & for those who have so many ideas to share but don't know how...this is for you.